What is Q-FLO?


Q-FLO is designed to minimize exposure to the hazardous drugs used in chemotherapy. Q-FLO has undergone testing under the draft protocol recommended by NIOSH for Vapor Containment, validating on-par or superior performance over other CSTD brands

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Q-FLO is a CSTD Technology that allows the clinicians to draw and infuse from Vial Access Devices, Y- Sites on IV Sets and Patient Access Sites with a standard Luer connection. No special techniques or additional components are required. Minimal training required.

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The Q-FLO is the only CSTD to offer a color coded visual indicator confirming the status of the connection. This important feature facilitates the ease of use of the Q-FLO and gives the healthcare worker added confidence regarding proper use of the device during connection and disconnection.

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Risks Associated with Hazardous Drugs

In the current Clinical environment, millions of Healthcare Workers can be exposed to Hazardous Drugs (HD) during Preparation, Administration, and Disposal daily. The danger of exposure can range from skin rashes, infertility and miscarriage, to birth defects as well as Leukemia or other cancers. Studies have shown (attach studies link) that traces of Hazardous Drugs