The Q-FLO and Q-LOC Closed System Transfer Device Technologies are available in a number of configurations that will allow Facilities to prepare and administer the Hazardous Drug (HD) used in Chemotherapy in a safe and cost-effective way.

The Q-FLO products incorporate quality components and tubing with the Q-FLO and/or the X-Needleless IV Connector bonded during manufacturing. These Products and Sets eliminate the potential for accidental disconnects during the HD preparations and administrations. These complete, ready-to-go, packaged products are cost-effective compared to self-assembly and reduce set up time in the Pharmacy and Nursing Areas.

Q-FLO SYRINGES are available in 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, and 50/60ml sizes for HD drug preparation as well as IV push administrations.


Q-FLO SECONDARY IV SETS are available with a Bag Spike, Drip Chamber with built-in X-Needleless IV Connector ADD-Port and Q-FLO. SECONDARY IV Set with these components AND a 0.2 micron filter is also available.


VIAL ACCESS DEVICES are available for HD preparation. These are equipped with the X-Needleless IV Connector, CAP for 13mm, 20mm, 28mm top Vials, and a bladder designed to capture vapors displaced during HD reconstitution. VIAL ACCESS DEVICES are also available for Diluent/Non-hazardous Drugs.


IV BAG SPIKES and IV SET EXCHANGE ADAPTER are available with X-Needleless IV Connector and Universal IV Set Adapter to allow for HD preparation and administration with a dedicated IV Pump Set. Standard IV BAG SPIKE can be used for diluent in the Pharmacy and/or with the IV SET EXCHANGE ADAPTER which can be used with either a dedicated IV Pump or Gravity Sets. This design allows Nursing to prime those sets and reduce the usage of sets per patient.


ADDITIONAL PREPARATION and ADMINISTRATION PRODUCTS are available for Syringe to Syringe Transfer, Bladder Installations, Syringe IV Pump Extension Sets with Q-FLO and X-Needleless IV Connector and Ambulatory IV Pump extension sets with two Q-FLO Closed Male Luers.