In considering a Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD), one of the key factors aside from tested and proven effectiveness in minimizing potential exposure to Hazardous Drugs (HD), is the EASE OF USE. Q-FLO Technology is a Luer-Activated Technology that is designed to eliminate the additional components that may be needed for other CSTDs to connect to IV Sets and Patient Access Sites. Q-FLO allows for Needleless connections, protecting Healthcare workers from potential needle sticks. The Q-FLO connects and disconnects from Vial Access Devices, Bag Spikes, IV Tubing, and Patient Sites with a standard Luer connection.


Attach Syringe or Tubing Set with Q-FLO to Vial Access Device, Patient Access Site, rotate clockwise to activate fluid path. There will be an audible indicator (click) as well as a visual indicator (Orange Flow Indicator). Once activated, Drugs or fluid can be infused or aspirated (depending on the task). Once completed, the Q-FLO Syringe or Tubing Set can be disconnected by rotating counter clockwise, the Orange Flow Indicator will no longer be visible and there will be an audible indicator to notify the User the fluid path is closed prior to the disconnection. This happens AUTOMATICALLY during clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. NO SPECIAL TECHNIQUES OR COMPONENTS ARE NEEDED to make a safe and secure connection and/or disconnection.

  • The Q-FLO technology is completely needleless, eliminating the potential for exposure through needle sticks
  • The Q-FLO is a LOW-PROFILE Device improving Patient comfort during connections, infusions and disconnections. (insert competitive chart?)
  • The Q-FLO has a LOW-PRIMING Volume (0.045ML) reducing Drug waste
  • The Q-FLO is a SWABABLE Closed Male Luer allowing for effective disinfection prior to access. It is compatible with ALL Disinfection Caps.
  • The Q-FLO is compatible with ALL Needleless IV Connectors reducing inventory for Nursing and /or Pharmacy, as NO special Adaptors are needed.