The QFLO Technology and family of Preparation and Administration products offers a SAFE and SIMPLE solution for the handling of the Hazardous Drugs (HD) used in Chemotherapy.

The Q-FLO is the only CSTD of its kind to offer a color coded visual indicator confirming the status of the connection. This important feature facilitates the EASE OF USE of the Q-FLO and gives the healthcare worker added confidence regarding proper use of the Device during connection and disconnection. Fluid Path is activated with a full Luer Lock rotation which results in an audible indicator or “CLICK” to partner the visual indicator. This occurs AUTOMATICALLY, no special techniques or additional pieces required.

The Q-FLO Catalog has been developed to address ALL HD preparation, transportation administration and disposal. The Q-FLO bonded options offer additional safety with no opportunity for disconnections during any stage of HD delivery. These configurations are built with quality components and are designed to provide a high level of performance as well as minimalizing impact to Pharmacy and Nursing workflows.

The Q-LOC offers the same benefits and features as the Q-FLO Technology but with the addition of a unique locking mechanism that once attached it cannot be removed accidentally during any stage of HD delivery. The Q-LOC can be attached to existing Syringes and Tubing Sets already in use by a facility. This can reduce storage space requirements and the need for specific inventory.

Q-FLO is available at a COMPETITIVE price. Q-FLO Technology is available through Key Distributors at pricing targeted for accounts looking to provide the highest level of safety for their clinical staff, patients, and their families without significantly affecting a facility’s bottom line and budgets.