The Infusion team includes over 150 of experience in the industry with a focus on complementary industry backgrounds. This allows us to understand the nuances of everything from manufacturing and deliver to customer service and support.

Peter Smith, CEO

Extensive experience as a Founder, CEO & COO of variety of global businesses. LLPG, NFL and Cobra Golf Europe. Negotiated the first commercial license from Disney’s IP portfolio to create Luminara.  An expert in business building, and International licensing whilst delivering optimal shareholder value. “C-suite” roles during two IPO’s.

Babak Nemati, Ph.D., Founder, and Chairman

30+ yrs in the medical device industry at leading healthcare companies: Johnson &  Johnson. Currently advisor to a number of venture capital, private equity, and strategic investors on new and emerging medical device technologies.

David Stroup, Founder, Boardmember

Inventor of the Q-FLO™ and Co-Founder of I3, with over 20 years of experience in the medical device industry.  Founder of Pathway, LLC, a medical device development and manufacturing service provider, based in San Diego. Former Founder and CEO of Prodosyst Automation, Inc., serving Fortune 500 companies in automated manufacturing

George Walker, Board Member

Founder & CEO of Integra Biotechnical, LLC, a highly successful manufacturer of medical device products (acquired Providien 2011). Served over 40 companies, including market-leading medical device companies, and engineered thousands of successful products.  Member of the Tech Coast Angels, San Diego.